Widdington Shooting tuition

Expert Shooting Tuition

Widdington shoot is an ideal venue for newcomers to have an introduction to the sport. Our experienced and qualified instructors will guide you through every aspect of shooting safety and can tailor tuition to meet individual’s needs.

Individual 2 Sharing 3 Sharing
Adult 1 hour lesson £85 £110 £115
Junior 1 hour lesson £55 £75 £80

ADULT OFFER –  Book  6 lessons for the price of 5  – £425 and get 25 cartridges free on your first lesson
JUNIOR OFFER – Book  6 lessons for the price of 5 – £275 and get 25 cartridges free on the first lesson 

Lessons include 25 clays per person but do NOT include the cost of cartridges.

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We now have gift voucher available so you can treat yourself or your loved ones.  

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